Limousine Napa • Napa Valley Clowns

Limousine Napa is experienced in providing transportation to all sorts of events, even those you wouldn't have expected. Our professionalism in all aspects and courtesy to our customers makes us the perfect choice for any get together or celebration. While it might seem out of the ordinary to use a limousine at a children's birthday party in Napa Valley, it's something we've done in the past and will continue to do in the future! Children absolutely love being transported around in a stretch limousine with neon lighting and flat screen televisions. They can be used simply as a way to get from one point to another in an itinerary or as a venue in itself. Whatever you decide to do in your party planning, we have a great suggestion for keeping the children entertained, and that's to hire the services of a clown in Napa Valley. Children love clowns, and nowadays there are a ton of choices to choose from.

Clowns are a unique service, so not every one is going to offer the same menu of specialties. This is why it's a good idea to ask and compare the services of each potential hire to ensure you're getting the best fit for your child's interests. Check out their websites to get a feel for the type of experience that they provide, as some clowns offer things like magic shows, balloon animals, or face painting. This is why clowns are such a great way to add diverse fun to any children's event. Ask how much experience potential clowns have, as this will be a big factor in the price when all is said and done. As stated before, some of this information can often be found on their website, so a bit of research beforehand will prove to be a good use of time. Some clowns might even have party packages that allow you to save a bit on the final price. Remember, as with any professional service, you get what you pay for!

Always let the children know that a clown is coming to the party. While it's a rare occurrence, this will cut down on any kids being potentially frightened by the costumed character. Any kids that are unsure about the clown will warm up once they see all of the other children interacting and having a great time. You can begin your search by checking out search engines, event planning websites, as well as asking for recommendations by those who might have used this service before. It's always a good idea to talk to potential clowns on the phone or in person to ensure that it's a good fit with the party. When hiring, a contract is a great idea to ensure that all parties are legally protected and aware of expectations. When the day of the party finally rolls around, your child and their friends will be overjoyed to have a friendly clown entertain them. It will definitely be a memorable party thanks to your awesome planning!