Limousine Napa • Napa Valley Face Painter

One of our all time favorite events to provide service to happens to be children's birthday parties in Napa Valley. Here at Limousine Napa, our high quality transportation service and professionalism allows us to be the top choice for any event in the area, even those you wouldn't have otherwise thought of. Renting a limousine for your children's birthday celebration will ensure that it's a memorable, stress free event. A limousine makes it easy for you to sit back and enjoy the celebration with your little one, and our vehicles are often used as a way to transport kids from one venue to the next. They're enchanted by the stretch vehicles with pretty lighting and amazing features! Another way to ensure that your child has a memorable birthday party in Napa Valley is to hire the services of a face painter. Face painters are incredible artists who are efficient enough to paint several faces in a short amount of time. Children absolutely love being transformed into something different by face painters, and so do teenagers and adults!

You might be feeling a bit overwhelmed if you've never hired a face painter in Napa Valley before. One thing to keep is mind is that you get what you pay for in terms of quality. If you find someone on Facebook or Craigslist who is offering their services at half the price of the professionals you see listed on event planning websites, there's likely a reason for that! You really want to be sure you're hiring a professional on all accounts, especially considering some children have sensitive skin and eyes. You wouldn't want to hire somebody who uses chemical-laden craft grade paints on skin, or somebody missing liability insurance just because they're a bit cheaper than the competition. It's a good idea to ask potential face painters how many children they're able to paint for in an hour. Usually, professional face painters can paint between 10-14 children per hour, but that number is one that's different depending on extras.

There's a lot to love about face painters! In our experience, these professionals have always added a layer of fun to the event that would have otherwise been impossible. There's nothing like having a party full of happy kids with a face full of paint. We encourage you to consider their services for other events because this is something that is universally fun for all ages. If you're having trouble choosing a face painter, be sure to check out their websites to get a feel for the creations they usually come up with. You can even go a step further to read some reviews on event planning websites if you're still having some trouble! Be sure that there's a contract that specifically details the expectations between both parties, as this goes a long way in sustaining a professional relationship. In the end, your child will have priceless memories of the face painting they received at their Napa Valley birthday party, and that's what matters most!