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If you plan on having alcohol at your wedding, then there are a wide range of ways that you can go about doing so. You can do it by providing a beer and wine only bar, you can provide a bar that is full stocked full of a great amount of liquors, and you can go about doing a Do it Yourself style bar, which can be quirky but ultimately is usually pretty pricey. The best and most popular route to go is to hire a professional bar tending service to handle all of the alcohol serving needs you will have during the wedding.

You will, undoubtedly find that many venues actually offer bars with servers already employed there, but when you come across a venue that doesn't have this option, you will need to find a professional bar tending service to do the job for you, and this can often even be a better option as they have the skill, experience, and know how to make your wedding really stand out. There are a lot of things to keep in mind, however, when hiring a professional bar tendering services, and here are a list of things to keep in mind.

The first thing that you need to do is to do a quick Google search or even look through the phone books for professional bar tending services in your area. You should look at past reviews and testimonials, and even past videos and pictures if they have any of those things available. Once you have located a professional bar tending service that is in your price range and seems to match your style, you should give them a call and give them a rough outline of what your wedding will look like, so they can give you detailed information on how they can best service you. It is important to be honest and as detailed as possible about the necessary aspects of your wedding, otherwise you run a great risk of the day coming and you find that some of your unvoiced expectations have not been met, which is normally at no fault of the bar tending service, so make sure that your communication is always clear and open with whatever service you go with.

You'll want to test them on their drink knowledge to make sure that they will be ready for whatever your guests might throw at them. Try and get a list of drinks that you know some of your guests might order to give them an idea of what to expect. Obviously they don't need to know every drink combination that's ever been thought up, but they should definitely be easily adaptable and be able to whip something up just by having it described to them.

It is also important to touch base with them on how they will handle any potential conflicts, and how they will organize a system to make sure that their area remains clean and organized, so your wedding always looks clean and awesome! Does this bar tending service have any dress codes, and will you require them to dress a certain way? These are all things that need to be thoroughly discussed and considered before even hiring the professional bar tending service.

Obviously there will be bumps along the way when planning a wedding, but if you maintain an open level of communication and organization, it will really go a long way with whatever aspect of the wedding you are planning!

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