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One major aspect of the wedding planning process that usually goes well over most peoples' heads until the wedding planner brings it up to them is the concept of having calligraphy at the wedding. You absolutely do not want to pass up on hiring a professional calligrapher for your wedding unless you want your wedding to not look as elegant and classy as it possibly could look. If you would like your wedding to be seen as beautiful, and if you want your invitations to really stand out to all of your guests, then hiring a professional calligraphy service is a thing that you definitely must consider. Trust us when we say that you shouldn't hire your little nephew who has taken a few art classes and fancies themselves experts at calligraphy. You really need a professional to do a job of this caliber, and of this size.

You will honestly find yourself shocked at how much time and effort goes into a good calligraphy job. In order to stop yourself from stressing out about this too much, it is important to remain diligent and organized in the face of hiring a professional calligraphy service, and if you are organized, you will find that the whole process will be really much easier.

The first thing to consider is what you want exactly you want to utilize the professional calligraphy service for. Many times the calligraphy is primarily used for the envelopes of the wedding invitations so the person who is being invited feels special and already is given a good impression of the tone of your wedding. However, there are a great amount of ways that you can utilize a professional calligraphy service. These can include escort cards, ceremony programs, name plates, menu cards, and beyond. There are a great number of ways to go about utilizing a professional calligraphy service, and you can really get creative with it. Many professional calligraphy services will have no problem making your calligraphy dreams come true!

It is vital to keep in mind that calligraphy is an extremely time consuming process that can become pretty pricey pretty quick, depending on what service you have hired the professional calligraphy service for. It also depends on if you plan on using any special materials for the job, such as metallics or any special inks.

Calligraphy can typically cost about $4 per envelope, and you can expect to give the professional calligraphy service about two weeks worth of turnaround time. You don't want to wait too long before going to the calligraphy service or you will find that you will have to end up paying a premium rush fee, which many people don't want to have to worry about when they are already spending so much on a wedding.

In order to find the ideal professional calligraphy service, you should begin by Googling "professional calligraphy services in Napa Valley." This should give you a good place to start; alternatively you can ask your stationary boutique for a list of calligraphy services that they trust. This will usually give you a good place to start. It's important to check out photographic examples of their past work and to check out reviews as well. By being organized, you can find the perfect professional calligraphy service for your needs!

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