Frequently asked questions for Limousine Napa

When you're considering Limousine services for the first time, it's only natural for you to have questions about what is allowed in the limos, what our service policies are, and what is included in each luxury vehicle we rent out. To allay some of your questions, we've listed some of the most asked questions to our booking agents during their day by day dealings with our clientele. For your convenience, we've included a few of those questions right here on our website.

Can we drink on the vehicle?

Of course, this wouldn’t be wine country if you couldn’t! If your guests meet the minimum legal drinking age requirements, you’re welcome to drink on board.

We want to pick up a few friends beforehand, is that acceptable?

Of course! One of the biggest benefits of doing business with Limousine Napa is that we allow for unlimited stops & mileage.

Are we allowed to smoke cigarettes on the vehicle?

We do not allow any kind of smoking on our vehicles in order to ensure that they are as clean as possible, and to accommodate our non smoking passengers.

Do we have to tip our driver?

No tip is required other than the minimal gratuity added to your total, but we encourage you to tip more if you feel your driver went above and beyond.

I don’t want the vehicle any longer. Can I cancel and get a full refund?

Unfortunately, we don’t allow for cancellations or refunds.

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