Limousine Napa • Some Quick Information About Our Company

Napa Valley Limousines has proven to the community time and time again that we’re the company to trust when it comes to limousine rental affairs. Not only do we have a clientele to back this up, we have the customer service to prove it. We offer the highest quality fleet of vehicles while maintaining the lowest price to you, no middle man required. It’s because of this that we can make sure that each and every detail is absolutely perfect for your special night, no matter what!

Our customers are #1!

We firmly stand behind the idea that the customer is always right, and we’ll show you with our actions that we believe this to be true! Our extensively trained staff is perfectly prepared in all aspects of event planning so your night goes on without a hitch; our chauffeurs are regularly trained in safety procedures for your safety. These things alone set us apart from other limousine rental services.

We do our best to keep limo rates affordable for all!

We understand that there are hard economic times facing all of us. We’re different because we provide more to you without making the price skyrocket. Whether you have too much or too little money, we guarantee that we can provide you with options to fit your style as well as budget. If you’re looking for the royal treatment, look no further!

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Our services are the perfect choice for all events!

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